4th of January 2022

Full List of Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Producers and Models in 2022–Free Report

There are +60 producers of collaborative robots on the market, and they have together +200 cobot models. Some interesting findings of the producers and models:

  • +50% of the cobot producers come from Asia.
  • Comau Aura is the model with the highest payload on the market, 170 kg.
  • Comau Aura is also the model having the longest horizontal reach, 2790 mm.
  • ABB CRB 11000 SWIFTI and Hitbot Z-Arm Mini are the models with the lowest repeatability, 0.01 mm.
  • ABB Dual-Arm YUMI and Rethink Robotics Baxter have the highest degree of freedom, 14.
  • Comau Racer 5 0.80 Cobot is the fastest cobot on the market, with max TCP speed of 6 m/s.

Would you like to have a deeper understanding of cobot producers on the market? Want to compare different models based on their payloads, horizontal reach, repeatability, degrees of freedom, weight, and speed. Interested in what are the prices of other cobot models?

Statzon conducted comprehensive research and published a free report about all the available cobot producers and their models.

Collaborative Robots Producers and Models in 2022 – Free Report includes: 

  • Top 20 cobot models with the highest payload capacities
  • Top 20 models with the biggest horizontal reach
  • Top cobot models with the lowest repeatability
  • Top 5 cobot models with the highest degree of freedom
  • Top cobot models with the highest TCP speed
  • All cobot market players and their models

The report is available for Statzon FREE users 
Download report now!

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